Bronze, Silver and Gold

So the Olympics have finished and the Paralymics are about to start. However that is not what I am referring to in this post. Over the weekend I attended the Bronze, Silver and Gold fashion show by Olivia Tarpey at Jalouse.

Olivia Tarpey is a very talented young designer who specialises in creating beautiful and feminine pieces from exquisite fabrics.

Although I have attended a few of Olivia’s previous shows this one really stood out above the rest for me. It might have been the fact that the first model (Olivia herself) took to the runway dressed in a stunning black corset, panties, stockings and heels! All that was missing was a whip and it would have been so very Christian Grey! That set the tone for the rest of the show. As the looks continued we saw models strut down the runway in not only corsets but also cocktail dresses, hand printed tops, and gorgeous gowns.

Here are a few pictures of the show.

Please visit to view the full collection.


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