Dubai Photo Diary

Unfortunately I was not in London during SS13 LFW however I was lucky enough to be having a blast over in the very ostentatious Dubai!

For the previous two LFW’s I have helped out either dressing models backstage or working front of house showing celebrities to their seats at the Aquascutum show. However this year due to very turbulent times with the brand going in to administration and being taken over by new management it was decided that they would no longer take part in LFW. So getting out of London and viewing the exciting shows from a far felt like the right thing to do. Here is my Dubai photo diary which includes photo’s of Dubai mall, desert safari (dune bashing, falling off camels, henna tattoo’s, and belly dancing), Burj al Arab and At the Top in Burj Khalifa.

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Best Birthday Ever!

So last weekend I was dreading my birthday as I turned 27! However my amazing family and friends made it a prolonged celebration that lasted over a week and was definitely not one to forget any time soon! So to start the party with a bang I arranged some simple after work drinks with colleagues and friends at my local bar called Gem. That definitely got everyone in the party mood with the drinks flowing, the music pumping and the boogeying on the dance floor! Here are some pictures of my awesome week with details below:

Gem Bar

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Throwback Thursdays!

Growing up in the 90’s was the wonderful. There were all sorts of amazing programmes on the telly such as Clueless, Saved by the bell, California Dreams, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends and Sex and the City. I mean who didn’t want to be Cher from Clueless! I even had a pink fluffy pen like hers and a baby pink blazer with a matching pink skirt! And who didn’t want Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) hair!  The 90’s also gave us great celebrities such as the Spice Girls, Keira Knightly, Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Kirsten Dunst, Heath Ledger, Gordon Joseph Levitt, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker. Here are some of my 90’s inspiration pictures.

Spice Girls

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Model Icon: Cara Delevingne

Looking through model photo’s recently and have found I’ve become quite obsessed with one model in particular. Cara Delevingne is such unique beauty and really stands out to me. I love her powerful eyes and full eyebrows. She can hold such and intense gaze in some of the photographs which totally captivates the viewer.

[Images taken from tumblr]