Shop: Christmas Sweaters Falla-la-la-laa-La-la-la-la!

One of my dear friend recently asked me to do a post on christmas sweaters which got me thinking. I have a semi christmas sweater which I only wear when I am part taking in a festive activities such as ice skating at winter wonderland or going to a carol concert. A christmas sweater is one of those items that always sits at the back of the wardrobe gathering dust (mainly because it is only acceptable to wear during christmas) but during my quest to find the best christmas sweaters out there I noticed some designers have come up with some rather unique designs that could pass as a christmas sweater during the festive season or as a nice printed sweater after christmas. Here is a selection of mens and womens christmas sweaters I have come across over the last few days. Happy shopping!!


Free People

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To Fur or Not To Fur? That is the Question!

Last weekend I found myself out having a late dinner with six lovely ladies at Maddox in London. It was a fun filled evening which started with a two course dinner, followed by a lot of drinking and dancing! and indeed as usual involved a lot of Coffee Petron!! One of the things that intrigued me the most about the evening (other than Harriets amazing figure) was the conversation over dinner. We ended up discussing fur as one of the ladies was donning a fur gillet she had recently bought in Romania. Fur is always a controversial topic but I personally wouldn’t mind a little fur as London seems to get colder and colder year on year! Would you fur?

In fridays ES Magazine I came across a feature titled ‘Venus in Furs – Diamonds, lingerie, and a touch of fox are all a girl needs on a chilly afternoon’ with Chanel Iman which re-enforced why I most definitely need a little fur in my life! Here are some of the photographs from ES magazine.

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Olivia Tarpey Boutique Launch: An Evening of Fine Wine and Poetry

A couple of weeks back I attended Olivia Tarpey’s Boutique launch in Primrose Hill. It was a lovely evening filled with fine wine, poetry and haute couture. Here are some of the pictures from the evening.


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