Reflection and Resolutions


Around this time of the year everyone starts to reflect on the last year and think if their resolutions were achieved or not. 2012 was a bit of an odd year for me because nothing I expected happened. I had made so many resolutions which mainly included a lot of travelling, getting healthy and working out much more and starting up my own side business. However I only managed to get out to Dubai this year and may have possibly made it to the gym 3 times for a quick 30 min swim all year! Although I did manage to do a few yoga classes with friends which was pretty fun. Because you can never control what happens I think making resolutions can be disappointing when you reflect back and realise that you did not manage to achieve any of them so this year I have decided to make a list of wishes for 2013 instead.

Heres my wishes for 2013:

1) Travel to 5 places I have never been too before! Definitely think this one is achievable as I’m kicking off 2013 with a trip of backpacking around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in Feb! Literally can’t wait! Followed by a week of craziness in New York with the boys end of April and a week of even more utter craziness with the girls for a Hen do in Vegas end of May!

2) Definitely going to be a year of getting fit! Well to be totally honest I have 5 weeks to get my ass in shape otherwise I won’t be able to carry my backpack around. It’s going to be a diet of vegetables with evenings and weekends of swapping my social life for my intensive sessions with my gym instructor!

3) Blog a lot more. As I am still relatively new to blogging I am still finding my feet and figuring out my style but hoping the 2013 will be a great year for working on the blog. Also would absolutely love to do a few collaborations such as Tuula Vintage where she gets to run around NYC in a Oscar del la Renta.

4) Get some more sewing classes and learn to make something other than pyjama bottoms. Maybe 2013 will be a year for making skirts.

5) All my close friends have heard me go on and on about making a t-shirt collection and getting a stall at spitafields market for ages so definitely think this year is the time to do it. So come down Spitafields Market one weekend in the summer to find me singing “£1 t-shirt, very very nice, very very good!”

They say you should start the year with the way you hope to spend the rest of it! I definitely did just that by kicking off 2013 laughing and joking with great friends whilst eating lots of yummy food.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! Hoping 2013 is going to be an awesome year!






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