Home Inspiration

home sweet home

Before christmas my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to our new flat which he recently bought for us. Its a lovely one bedroom flat with a private entrance a couple of doors away from his current house. He had planned not show me the place until it was fully renovated which will be around Easter time I presume. I have absolutely no idea what he has got planned for the place yet but when I saw it the flooring had been ripped out and I know he also has plans to redo the ceiling. Recently our conversations have changed from where shall we go for dinner and drinks or what should I wear to so and so’s party to which kettle, cutlery and crockery shall we buy.

Looking through my For the Home board on Pinterest I was trying to figure out if I have a particular preference to style of home or not and the conclusion is as long as there are plenty of books and wardrobe space I am one happy bunny. However I don’t really have a say in the decor of our new place as my boyfriend is obsessed with redeveloping properties and absolutely loves a modern look with touch screen appliances so I can only imagine our new place to be very sleek with lots of appliances that will take me years to figure out how to use!

Here are some of my home inspiration images.


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