Vegas Photo Diary

This year I’ve found my one true love!…. Travel! So a few weeks ago a group of seven of us took on Vegas for a Bachelorette party and nearly didn’t make it out alive! Definitely was not a trip I’ll forget anytime soon. I was there for 5 days and just about managed to get 10 hours sleep throughout the trip. Don’t quite know how I did it but all I knew at the time was we were in Vegas Baby and had to keep going. There were so many interesting people and some a little scary. I remember nearly getting killed by a tranny whilst trying to get closer to the dj booth to see David Guetta at XS as well as nearly getting punched in the face when a fight broke out at Tryst. One guy dodged a punch which resulted in a fist coming full speed ahead at my face! Luckily a stranger managed to push me out of the way just in time seen as I froze in shock. But the best thing about the trip was the Casino! We would sit at the roulette table from 5am til 10, 11 sometimes even midday just playing and having fun with all the dealers. I remember telling Geoff (one of the dealers) that I was going to take him home if he kept giving me a winning hand! Since coming back I’ve been fascinated by the Sin City which according to Eddie (one of the other dealers) maybe be due to by “gambling problem” so will definitely have to head back there soon.


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